The Foundation

There was a great interview with Jonny Gomes of the Boston Red Sox immediately after they won the World Series about how the team knew in spring training that they would win it. “As soon as we went to Fort Myers, the movie’s already been written,” Gomes said. “All we had to do was press play, and this is what happened.”  Continue reading

Moving Beyond Willpower and Discipline to Effortless Inspiration and Action!

Today we have a guest post from a friend of mine in the Boston area, Ann Ide.  Ann is a life coach and runs a local Meetup group I belong to based on the law of attraction. She also sends out a semi-weekly newsletter to the meetup members and I really resonated with this one, so much so that I asked her if I could reprint it on my blog. So without further ado, here’s Ann! Continue reading

The Nature of God

I recently ready Eckert Tolle’s famous book The Power of Now and I highly recommend it. This book transcends religion and its principles can be applied by everyone. While I expected most of the book to emphasize not concerning yourself with your past or future, I did not expect it to give me insight into the true nature of God. Continue reading

What Would You Do If You Knew You Could Not Fail?

This is one of those incredibly empowering questions that many people don’t even think to ask themselves. They assume that failure is more than likely or that the effort required to succeed is so enormous that it could never happen. But there’s one small but very important piece of information they’re not considering. Continue reading

Extra Money

So I just got my annual review at work and got a very nice raise (thank you!). It was retroactive to June 1st so my first check was significant. I spent most of it on bills and a ticket for a trip to visit my Ohio friends in November. Since I had a few checks that hadn’t cleared yet, I was overly cautious about how much to pay towards my debt as I didn’t want to be short on my mortgage. But then something curious happened. Continue reading