This site is about my journey to a one million dollar annual income working less than 20 hours per week.

Why one million dollars?

  • We will have the freedom and money to experience anything we want.
  • We will have a comfortable house with a beautifully scenic view.
  • We will enjoy all kinds of exotic vacations to wondrous and luxurious places.
  • We will enjoy positively affecting other people’s lives and donate $100,000 annually.
  • We will regularly enjoy the most mouthwatering, delicious food.
  • I will love my collection of sports cars and have so much fun driving them.
  • I will have plenty of time to work on the things that I’m inspired to do.

If that looks like an affirmation list that’s because it is, at least a partial one.

Where did I start?

In 2008, I was a 42-year old web developer working and living in a Boston suburb making six figures.  I had a moderate house and enough income to pay all the bills but not enough to do much more than that.  We tried to take one vacation annually with our 2 kids but it was usually someplace modest, such as Disney or Myrtle Beach or visiting my brother’s family in California.

It was then that I watched The Secret (affiliate link).  I wasn’t dying to see the movie (it came out in 2006), but it got me thinking about things.  Especially the Law of Attraction.

I had read Napoleon Hill’s Think And Grow Rich (affiliate link) in my 20s.  There’s a passage where he says that you have to be 40 to understand some of the concepts in the book.  And when I reread it in my 40s, with the perspective of LOA, it really sunk home about what was truly possible.

Thirsty for more, I searched for LOA at my local library but all they had was a book authored by an Abraham.  I spoke to my sister-in-law (the one from California) on one of our family vacations and she knew about Abraham and recommended it.

And that did it.  That first Abraham book was Ask And It Is Given (affiliate link).  And I have been addicted to Abe and Esther and Jerry Hicks ever since.  Esther channels Abraham.  Incredibly weird, yes.  But the words that come out are pure wisdom.  It may be an act, but I don’t care.  Wisdom and guidance from any source is still wisdom and guidance.  I still listen to their CDs in the car regularly.

Next I read Rich Dad, Poor Dad (affiliate link), which taught me the value of owning assets, including your own business, to reap the benefits of passive investing.

It was about this time that I bought my first real asset (aside from investing retirement funds): a 5 kW solar panel array.  Massachusetts had some great incentives and I jumped at the chance to passively earn $3,500 annually and break even on my investment in only 3 years.

Next I read One Simple Idea (affiliate link) and then The 4-Hour Workweek (affiliate link).  The former dealt with licensing inventions while the latter with creating a business.  But both were passive income, which was my long-term goal.

About this time I also got turned onto the blogs of MJ DeMarco (The Millionaire Fastlane) and Pat Flynn (Smart Passive Income).  These are both guys that created websites that made them rich.  MJ’s got an in-your-face, get-off-your-ass style and Pat is a teacher.

Considering that I am a web developer by trade, it wasn’t too much of a surprise that my first entrepreneurial venture was a website.  I created MassSolarInfo.com to educate Massachusetts residents about the tremendous opportunity available from installing solar panels.  This site is monetized by splitting referral bonuses with prospective customers.  I was not going to get rich from this site but figured I could earn enough to pay off my debt.

I have lots of other ideas and my next website should get me to my million dollar goal.  I am currently confirming its money-making potential.  It is April, 2012.  My wife just got laid off.

I am on my way.  Hop in and join me for the ride.

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